Strengthening implementation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) by the 19th Southern African and Indian Ocean Island States Regional Seminar

A) Objectifs de l’engagement:

1. Continuing to support the establishing of national mechanisms that seek to strengthen implementation of IHL;
2. Striving to enhance cooperation on IHL with relevant stakeholders at the domestic level; and
3. Promoting peer to peer exchanges between IHL focal points at the sub-regional level.

B) Plan d’action

  1. Continue supporting the co-hosting of the Annual Regional IHL Seminar by the ICRC and the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation in the period 2020 – 2023;
  2. Initiate sub-regional working groups within the Annual Regional IHL Seminar for relevant peer-to-peer discussions, which can be continued through National IHL Committees;
  3. Support the rotational chairship system for the Annual Regional IHL Seminar commencing in 2021;
  4. Work towards the establishment of various national mechanisms on the implementation of IHL, including drafting of annual national IHL work plans; and
  5. Broaden engagement on IHL at the national level, notably with National Parliaments.

C) Indicateurs permettant de mesurer les avancées:

Member States are expected to voluntarily present their country report about the progress they have made at the national level during the Regional Seminar Meeting.

D) Ressources nécessaires:


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