Strengthening dissemination of international humanitarian law (IHL)

A) Objectifs de l’engagement:

The National Inter-Institutional Commission on the Implementation of International Humanitarian Law and Georgia Red Cross Society jointly pledge to continue close cooperation to promote respect for and implementation of IHL, including dissemination and awareness-raising.


States, which have signed the 1949 Geneva Conventions and its Additional Protocols oblige themselves to disseminate and spread the norms related to the International Humanitarian Law both in peacetime and in a period of armed conflict. In this field, states work in cooperation with the International Committee of Red Cross and National Societies.


According to the mandate, National Societies help their governments to disseminate knowledge about International Humanitarian Law and related issues.


This is a joint pledge of Georgia (Ministry of Justice of Georgia) and Georgia Red Cross Society.


B) Plan d’action

  • Selection of the target groups (volunteers, pupils, students, community members, other interested people)
  • Support the state in identifying gaps related to IHL knowledge in target groups.
  • Support the state in composing relevant programs for above-mentioned target groups in IHL and related themes
  • Support the state in conducting information training for above-mentioned target groups about the IHL and related themes


Cooperate with the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners in order to share good practice and international experience about the dissemination of IHL.


C) Indicateurs permettant de mesurer les avancées:

  • Number of trained persons
  • Number of conducted information sessions
  • Progress reports


D) Ressources nécessaires:

Parties (GRCS and the State) will use the resources that may be necessary to carry out this pledge based on the action plan. The pledge will be implemented with the support of the relevant human and technical resources.
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