Report on PFA for All Pledge – Icelandic Red Cross

Actions taken:

Please describe the actions taken (including challenges encountered if there is any) and provide concrete examples (including written reports, programmes information, photos and videos)

The primary focus for Icelandic Red Cross in Psychological First Aid (PFA) since signing the PFA for All pledge has been to increase the number of staff members, managers and volunteers trained in psychological first aid as relevant to their situation, sector and role; and to strengthen existing or build new systems for developing PFA skills and capacities. We have just secured agreement and commenced work to integrate psychological first aid principles in First Aid trainings, but no outcomes have been achieved on this yet.

A snapshot of our progress since December 2019 includes:

Training materials

  • Developed PFA training manual specific to Icelandic Red Cross (in Icelandic, English, Spanish)
  • Developed Icelandic Red Cross youth peer PFA training manual (in Icelandic, English)
  • Developed Icelandic RC PFA Train the Trainer draft manual (in English)
  • Revised / developed online PFA training courses for Icelandic Red Cross
  • Provided brief training / guidance on PFA for SEAH and vaccine hesitancy within Icelandic Red Cross
  • Developed short animated PFA explainer video (Icelandic, English)

Training Delivered

  • PFA courses online and face to face for Icelandic Red Cross staff, volunteers, and external organisations in Iceland (most courses approximately 3 hours)
  • PFA Train the Trainer course for Icelandic Red Cross staff (3 days)
  • Online youth peer PFA course (1.5hours)


Ongoing work

  • Commenced development of PFA eLearning course (which will be mandatory for all Icelandic Red Cross staff and volunteers)
  • Secured agreement on integrating PFA into Icelandic Red Cross First Aid training and guidance (work has not yet commenced on this)

Major challenges encountered were:

  • Staff time constraints
  • COVID-19 not allowing face to face courses

Implementation completion:

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