Towards a complementary Movement approach to education

April 2022

Education is a fundamental human right and an essential public service. It also plays an essential role in building safe, healthy, resilient, inclusive and caring societies. But education is easily disrupted during emergencies, and that calls for an effective humanitarian response. Under Resolution 6 of the 2017 Council of Delegates, the Movement committed itself to addressing education-related needs, especially those of people whose access to education is denied, limited or disrupted by such situations as armed conflict, disasters and other emergencies. A pilot project is looking at how Movement components can intensify their efforts and support each other’s efforts in the field of education.

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Strengthening the resilience of urban communities: Our way forward

June 2021

The ongoing pandemic and its long-lasting consequences call for renewed efforts in strengthening urban community resilience. Cities are both hubs of development and innovation and the epicentre of major challenges for vulnerable communities.
How do we improve the effectiveness of humanitarian action in urban areas? What kind of innovation is needed to tackle urban complexity and fragmented communities? Operating in urban settings is not new to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, but we need new ways of working in cities, including wider partnerships, along with advocacy for increased investment in risk reduction, social inclusion and equality for the most vulnerable.

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