Increased local action: Investing in sustainable and strong National Societies

April 2022

Strong and sustainable National Societies are the key factor for increased local action. Investing in purposeful efforts to transform and adapt to a changing environment while remaining anchored to principled humanitarian action is the challenge of the vast majority of National Societies.
National Societies are the owners of their own development, while the IFRC has the mandate, responsibility and know-how to support their development and their capacity to deliver relevant services and the ICRC has a specific mandate in building capacities with National Societies to prepare for and respond to armed conflict and to preserve and strengthen principled humanitarian action in all contexts. As a Movement, we want to learn from successful experiences how to identify concrete avenues to strengthen the overall sustainability of National Societies, focusing on the auxiliary role, the legal base and financial sustainability, leveraging the coordinated and aligned expertise and support of the Movement components.

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