Strengthening IHL

A) Objetivos de la promesa

Reaffirmation of the NATO Pledge




NATO’s recognition to abide by the rules and principles of International Humanitarian Law;

NATO’s recognition of, and respect for, the ICRC’s mandate and mission;

NATO’s continued effort to address Human Security issues such as Protection of Civilians; Children and Armed Conflict; Conflict Related Sexual Violence; Women, Peace and Security; Cultural Property Protection and Human Trafficking;

NATO’s commitment to including measures to protect civilians affected by armed conflict in the Alliance’s military doctrine , education, training, planning, exercises and conduct of operations;


NATO reaffirms its pledge to:


Continue a substantive dialogue with the ICRC aimed at identifying areas where training and education provided by NATO on International Humanitarian Law may be further enhanced.

B) Plan de acción

See above

C) Indicadores para medir los avances:

See above

D) Recursos requeridos:

See above

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