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Themes of the 2019 Council of Delegates

  • Accountability and integrity

    Safeguarding the accountability and integrity of the Movement’s work is fundamental to delivering effective, principled humanitarian action. The Movement has been working to strengthen its position in several areas that are key to its accountability and integrity at both the policy and programme levels. Proposed areas to be addressed at the 2019 Council of Delegates are:
    –  International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement statement on integrity
    –  Movement approach to strengthening National Society statutory and constitutional base and complementary frameworks
    –  Movement-wide commitments for community engagement and accountability
    –  Strengthening civil–military relations for disaster management throughout the International Red Cross and Red crescent Movement
  • Addressing needs and vulnerabilities

    Addressing vulnerabilities and meeting the needs of communities and populations affected by conflict, disasters and other emergencies lies at the centre of the Movement’s work. People’s needs and vulnerabilities are constantly evolving, and it is crucial for the Movement to put in place the necessary positions, policies and strategies to ensure that the measures it takes address the needs of the most vulnerable, are implemented effectively and reflect the realities on the ground. Momentum has been building around four key areas, on which resolutions will be submitted for consideration by the 2019 Council of Delegates:
    –  Movement policy on addressing mental health and psychosocial needs
    – Strategy on Restoring Family Links
    –  Strengthening implementation of the Movement Policy on Internal Displacement: Ten years on
    – Strengthening Movement Coordination and Cooperation (SMCC)