Resolutions and reports

Adopted resolutions

Resolution 1: Strengthening international humanitarian law protecting persons deprived of their liberty (32IC/15/R1)
Concluding report (2015, 32IC/15/19.1)

Resolution 2: Strengthening compliance with international humanitarian law (32IC/15/R2)
Concluding report (2015, 32IC/15/19.2)

Resolution 3: Sexual and gender-based violence: Joint action on prevention and response (32IC/15/R3)
Background report (2015, 32IC/15/19.3)

Resolution 4: Health Care in Danger: Continuing to protect the delivery of health care together (32IC/15/R4)
Background report (2015, 32IC/15/19.4)

Resolution 5: The safety and security of humanitarian volunteers (32IC/15/R5)
Background report (2015, 32IC/15/19.5)

Resolution 6: Strengthening legal frameworks for disaster response, risk reduction and first aid (32IC/15/R6)
Background report (2015, 32IC/15/19.6)

Resolution 7: Strengthening the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement response to growing humanitarian needs (32IC/15/R7)
Background report (2015, 32IC/15/19.7)

Resolution 8: Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement on Operational Arrangements dated 28 November 2005 between the Palestine Red Crescent Society and Magen David Adom in Israel (32IC/15/R8)
Report (20115, 32IC/15/17.2)

Resolution 9: Dissolution of the Augusta Fund and allocation of the capital to the Florence Nightingale Medal Fund. Revision of the Regulations for the Florence Nightingale Medal (32IC/15/R9)
Report (2015, 32IC/15/19.9)

Resolution 10: Power of Humanity (32IC/15/R10)


Commission A: Fundamental Principles in action
Background report on the Fundamental Principles in action: a unique, ethical, operational and institutional framework (32IC/15/10)

Commission B: Contemporary challenges in international humanitarian law
Background report on international humanitarian law and the challenges of contemporary armed conflict (32IC/15/11)

Commission C: Joint action on the prevention of and response to sexual and gender-based violence

Commission D: Health Care in Danger: Continuing to protect the delivery of health care together

Commission E: Building resilience by scaling up local action and strengthening legal frameworks