The deadline for submitting pledges is 31 March 2020. Open pledges will remain open for signature until 31 December 2020

Shifting vulnerabilities

The changes of the 21st century are complex and inter-related. The current shifts in technology, climate, population movements, demography and urbanization are shaping the world we live in. They unavoidably impact millions of people across the world, bearing new opportunities, but also creating new vulnerabilities. These trends are changing the fabric of societies and the humanitarian landscape, to the extent that traditional assumptions and ways of working might not be effective in addressing the challenges presented.
New approaches are needed to meet these challenges. The Movement’s presence at local level and the proximity to communities enables it to better understand, prevent, prepare and respond to these shifting vulnerabilities, and to drive global change.

This Commission will take place during the second day of the Conference. It will consist of two main plenaries (opening and closing) and six thematic spotlight sessions: