Strengthening National Society’s statutory and complementary framework as well as our policy and strategy, where required and as needed

A) Objectives of the pledge:

Korea is a highly connected and interdependent society in terms of technology, information sharing and internet connectivity. A good public medical service and health care system have led the country to enter a super-aging society with rapid change and transformation in many aspects of the society. This environment puts more pressure on the Republic of Korea National Red Cross(KNRC) to become more agile and relevant organization to address the issues and challenges concerned in helping people in need.


While experiencing unprecedented and complex situations nationally and internationally today, it became clearer that KNRC needs to be more equipped with enhanced capacity and mechanism. For this, KNRC needs to review its Red Cross Law and Statutes and other framework for the future.


It is believed that this approach and focus will help KNRC to be more sustainable, accountable and transparent entity in its service and delivery, eventually leading us to reach the global through strong local action.

B) Action plan:

To fulfill this pledge, KNRC aims to undertake the following actions before the 34th International Conference in 2023.


  • Amend the Red Cross Law and Statutes and also review subsequent policy and framework of KNRC.
  • Localize the Strategy 2030 of IFRC developing the Strategy 2030 of KNRC which can lead KNRC to review and come up with its own strategy and the plan of action in coming years.
  • Participate in discussion and contribute to implementation of measures for addressing common challenges we are facing in Humanitarian action, including strengthening NS capacity  within the Movement based on the decision and the resolution.
  • Conduct the OCAC and identify the areas to be improved to strengthen NS’s capacity.

C) Indicators for measuring progress:

  • Had internal and external consultations, and pursued humanitarian dialogue, with relevant stakeholders including government and National Assembly concerned needed to review and amend Red Cross Institutional Law.
  • Initiated and engaged in discussions at all levels of KNRC in pursuing the development of its long-term strategy and plan of action.
  • Established both short-term and long-term PoA of KNRC in line with S2030.
  • Participated in relevant platforms to collectively implement the decisions and resolutions that the Movement agreed.
  • Had the outcome of the OCAC and prioritized the areas to work on reflecting the organisational development of KNRC, including integrity and accountability.

D) Resource implications:

There will be resource implications associated with the proposed implementation of the pledge. These may include close cooperation between KNRC and partners of KNRC.

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