Open pledges will remain open for signature until 31 December 2020

Reinforcing Restoring Family Links services through cooperation between the pledging parties and joint implementation of the Restoring Family Links Strategy 2020-2025

A) Objectives of the pledge:

In order to help address the needs of separated families and families of missing persons, the pledging parties are dedicated to take joint action to find solutions for the affected families and to strengthen Restoring Family Links as a core service of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The pledge aims at ensuring the strength of the regional Restoring Family Links partnership between the German speaking National Societies of Austria, Germany and Switzerland (the so called RFL D-A-CH Network) and the mutual support between them. The aim is to strengthen cooperation, coordination and information sharing on an operational as well as on a strategic level. The D-A-CH Network shares best practices, develops joint tools, strengthens transregional advocacy with authorities, approaches for joint implementation, and shares these with the wider RFL network. Regular meetings take place, rotating between the participating National Societies.

In order to translate specific elements of the Restoring Family Links Strategy 2020-2025 and the RFL Resolution 2019 into concrete actions the pledging parties will develop a regional plan of action, based on contextualized needs and priorities, and identify appropriate indicators.

B) Action plan:

The German speaking National Societies of Austria, Germany and Switzerland further strengthen their cooperation and partnership in the field of Restoring Family Links. The pledging National Societies continue their regular meetings, information sharing and engage into peer-to-peer learning to strengthen their capacities.

The RFL departments of the pledging National Societies adapt the implementation measures of the RFL Strategy 2020-2025 to their specific regional context and develop a regional action plan for Austria, Germany and Switzerland aligned with the RFL Strategy.

C) Indicators for measuring progress:

  • A joint plan of action to implement the RFL Strategy including a division of tasks is developed by the D-A-CH network.
  • A relevant number of measures defined in the joint plan of action will be implemented by 2023.
  • RFL capacity building activities will take place in the region once per year.
  • D-A-CH network is represented in relevant RFL related working groups and contributes the positions/inputs of the respective National Society.

D) Resource implications:

No indications.

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