Open Pledge to Report on the Domestic Implementation of International Humanitarian Law

A) Objectives of the pledge:

In connection with the resolution of the 33rd International Conference entitled “Bringing IHL home: A road map for better national implementation of international humanitarian law”, signatory States and National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies welcome the voluntary publication by certain States of reports on the domestic implementation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL).


Such reports help improve understanding of IHL and encourage and inform dialogue on IHL issues both domestically and elsewhere. The publication of domestic implementation reports also encourages other States and National Societies to publish details of their own activities to implement IHL at the domestic level, enabling better identification of best practice and ultimately improving implementation and compliance with IHL.


B) Action plan:

Action Plan 2019-2023


Signatory States and National Societies, working together as appropriate, pledge to take the following actions before the 34th International Conference:



  • Commission research on domestic activities to implement IHL, if appropriate in collaboration with the relevant State, National IHL Committee or Commission and/or National Society.
  • Compile and, as appropriate, make public this research on domestic activities to implement IHL
  • Consider using existing implementation reports as a model for such compilation and publication.
  • Consider using the implementation report toolkit published by the Government of the United Kingdom and the British Red Cross.
  • Consider seeking the support of other States, National Societies and/or the International Committee of the Red Cross in the above research, compilation and publication.
  • Explore opportunities to exchange, with other States, and if appropriate in collaboration with National IHL Committees or Commissions and/or National Societies, this research and any subsequent compilation and publication.

C) Indicators for measuring progress:

  • Number of actions achieved
  • Number of analyses produced and in the public domain

D) Resource implications:

  • Existing implementation reports
  • Potential support of National Society (as applicable)
  • UK and British Red Cross implementation report toolkit



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