IFRC initiative ‘the One Billion Coalition for Resilience’

A) Objectives of the pledge:

The Georgia Red Cross Society will contribute to implementation of the “One Billion Coalition for Resilience” to strengthen community resilience through coalition-building with government, non-state actors, private sector and media thus working alongside with communities, supporting their capacity building initiatives and actions.

Having assigned special tasks stipulated in the Civil Security National Plan, GRCS, one of the biggest civil society organisations in the country with auxiliary role to public authorities, successfully fulfills the responsibility and conducts coordination meetings with key stakeholders, as well as within own context delivers services on a reliable basis, which are underpinned by data collection on hazards and risks that affect local communities analysis of results and creating solutions for response.

Community-based resilience building initiatives, carried out by GRCS with support of key stakeholders (to be extended), develop existing structures, practices, skills and coping mechanisms and adaptation measures to enhance capacity and strengthen resilience of local communities. Effective partnerships between national and local coalitions to coordinate resources and reduce duplication play an essential role in the whole implementation process of this new model/initiative.

B) Action plan:

Action plan:

    • Identify the risks and hazards which affect the locality: villages, towns and cities, analyze results and create solutions to be included in national and regional resilience building plans.


    • Advocate for including community resilience plans in local municipalities’ budgets to sustain the mitigation and adaptation projects and Red Cross services (e.g. project planning and management, first aid, psychological first aid, disaster risk reduction, volunteer management and development, etc.).


    • Reinforce non-formal education among schoolchildren and students in educational institutions to ensure that adequate human resource are mobilized and trained for contributing to addressing gaps in local problem-solving through active civil engagement of youth.


    • Strengthen cooperation with respective government institutions and agencies as well as with key stakeholders and Movement partners to design collective local actions toward implementation of the ‘One Billion Coalition for Resilience’.


    • Protect safety and security of volunteers representing community groups, local households and networks, neighbourhoods, business enterprises, and advocate for strengthening their resilience in national laws, policies and plans; contribute to implementation of the law of Georgia on Volunteering by taking the collective responsibility in action.



C) Indicators for measuring progress:


D) Resource implications:


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