Acknowledging the growing gaps in health and well-being, Building up foundation for effective preparedness and response for large-scale disasters, particularly in dealing with epidemic and pandemic outbreak at all levels

A) Objectives of the pledge:

From early 2020, the world has gone through unprecedented and shocking outbreak of the novel coronavirus-19(COVID-19) started from the Wuhan City in China, which no country has ever thought it would become pandemic putting the global society in chaos. The health crisis clearly confirmed that there is neither single country standing alone nor untact boundary to the disease. Thus there is strong call that the international community and each country are called for further stronger alliance and united action to contain and combat the spread of the virus collectively. However, sadly and unfortunately we have seen when the COVID-19 spurred many countries to lock down airports, borders and harbors toward other nations and also imposed restrictions of people’s movement. The pandemic also created stigma, fear and xenophobia towards the people infected and countries where massive spread happened. Accurate information is so critical to avoid fake news and infodemics.


Referring to Resolution 3 of the 33rd International Conference, “the Movement components should be able to contribute to a predictable and coordinated approach to epidemics and pandemics, including effective international cooperation and coordination, and engagement with and support to affected communities.”


In this regard, it is highly required that the Movement components should work together and commit to building how we need to approach across borders to ensure the minimum impact of and put necessary investments in controlling and dealing with pandemic. For where required and needed, the Movement facilitate, coordinate and participate in collective efforts and actions so that KNRC can contribute to building the healthier and more resilient communities at all levels by engaging in the Movement.

B) Action plan:

To fulfill this pledge, KNRC aims to undertake the following actions before the 34th International Conference in 2023.


  • With close collaboration with IFRC and NSs in the region, contribute to the establishment and operation of cooperation mechanism and/or framework in Asia-Pacific Region with regard to the response of large-scale disasters particularly pandemics based on our lesson learnt and experiences of COVID-19.
  • Share our experiences and lessons of response operation of large-scale disasters, particularly pandemics, and initiate further promotion within the EA region and beyond, to come up with the practical PoA for the future operation and plan development of KNRC.
  • Develop an internal system and mechanism to deal with large-scale disasters including infectious diseases related operations in supporting outside of Korea and receiving support from outside of Korea.

C) Indicators for measuring progress:

  • Participated in discussions and sharing information within the Movement as well as with different stakeholders in Korea to effectively prepare KNRC’s engagement internationally and nationally.
  • Jointly reviewed the best practices and lessons learnt of working together and shared peer to peer support of NSs in the EA region regarding COVID-19 response.
  • Analysed what we missed, what worked well within large-scale disaster responses and came up with priorities for practical PoA for future operation and plan development of KNRC.
  • Had a white paper on COVID-19 operation and shared it with various stakeholders.
  • Have established internal procedures and SoP of infectious diseases and relevant supporting activities such as psychosocial support for staff, volunteers and beneficiaries, and contributed to the development of follow-up actions within the Movement, where needed.

D) Resource implications:

There will be resource implications associated with the proposed implementation of the pledge. These may include close cooperation between KNRC and partners of KNRC.

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