First Aid Law

Actions taken:

Following the Pledge made at the 32 International Conference, the Georgia Red Cross Society established an advocacy wirking group which ensured active communication with RCRC Movement partners and key stakeholders in country.

During the reporting period, in order to realise pledge:

  1. GRCS team had regular communication with stakeholders, through participation in different bilateral and working group meetings.
  2. Review and analysis of Georgian Legislation regarding First Aid had been carried out by the GRCS working group. There is no clear definition of First Aid in country. Different legislative documents refer to First Aid as emergency medical services, while there are references are also made in various Laws/Legislative documents defining First Aid as a service rendered prior to medical intervention, for example:
  • Law regarding safety on the roads (adopted by the Parliament of Georgia) – defines that a company and/or an individual entrepreneur is obliged to ensure First Aid training(s) for their driver(s) to make them able to provide timely first aid in a safe and effective manner until ambulance arrives and/or organize transportation of the casualty (ies) in case medical service is unavailable.
  • Recommendations regarding safety on School Excursions (developed and adopted by the MoE and MoH). For the last years Road Accidents during school excursions become more and more often reason of children death, therefore schools have obligations to be officially informed about the planned excursion and to have at least one school representative trained in First Aid on field trips/excursions.
  • Resolution on “Designing and registration of excursions” – adopted by Department of tourism and resorts.
  • The law on ”Safety at Workplace” – adopted and approved by the Parliament. According to the Law FA training is a mandatory at the workplaces with high-risk.
  1. GRCS had been implementing thematic projects/activities with support of RCRC partners (ICRC, NorRC, AutRC) and state authorities at local level (local municipalities) and in cooperation with different entities and organizations. GRCS staff and volunteers were trained in FA. Annually approximately 5 000 community members are receiving information, gaining knowledge and developing practical skills of basic FA through direct work conducted by the GRCS staff and volunteers. It is estimated that approximately 15 000 community members are reached through indirect work.
  • GRCS won in tender announced by the National Tourism Administration which resulted in 55 staff members of different hotels in Tbilisi being trained in FA.
  • GRCS signed MoUs with 10 private schools. FA trainings for over 140 students of 7 Private schools were conducted by the GRCS FA trainers.
  • GRCS has MoU with the Georgian Association of Guides. In the frames of the MoU all the guides, members of the association have to undergo GRCS FA trainings.
  1. GRCS staff and volunteers had regular communication with local communities in the frames of thematic FA and DM projects.
  • Challenges, strengths and coping mechanisms were identified through VCA conducted by the DM team.
  • In the frames of the pilot project “Measuring Education Outcomes” of the IFRC/GFARC and British Red Cross, evaluation aimed at assessing effectiveness of the FA trainings had been carried out by the GRCS staff and volunteers at central and branch levels.

As a result of the work conducted by the GRCS FA team 4000 participants of FA trainings filled in the specially developed questionnaires before and after the training. Analyzing of results gave opportunity to GRCS to make its FA trainings more effective.

  1. GRCS has regular communication with the IFRC Global First Aid Reference Centre and other RCRC Movement partners to/mobilize technical expertise and/share international experience:
  • In 2014 GRCS obtained European FA Certificate, which was updated in February 2019.
  • Representatives of GFARC shared First Aid Law advocacy report and relevant experience of other NSs.
  • GRCS Head of H&C Department and FA Coordinator regularly participate in the FAEEN Annual Meetings. In 2018 GRCS representatives shared with the FAEEN Members information about pledge taken on 32nd International Conference, information about advocacy process and asked for further technical support.
  1. Developing of FA law was not defined as a state priority, though abovementioned changes in the legislation (Law about Safety at workplace, regulations during school excursions and etc.) show that there are some positive changes in the understanding of importance of FA at the national level.




Throughout 17-18 October, 2015 “Tbilisoba” is celebrated in the Capital of Georgia. During two days in the central parts of Georgia various events were organized, that were attended by a big number of people. One of the events at Rike Park was attended by Davit Chitanava, 18 years old young man, who witnessed that young girl became unconscious. Davit who has been First Aid volunteer at Georgia Red Cross Society since 2009 reminds that, suddenly he heard noise, people around were shouting. He run to the casualty, announced to the people gathered around that he was a Red Cross Volunteer and asked to give opportunity to provide first aid. David conducted primary survey. The casualty was not able to answer the simple questions and was not breathing, but after opening airways the casualty started breathing and soon became conscious. According to the GRCS volunteer, people gathered around the casualty have been trying to help but not in a proper manner. Fortunately, there were young people who had some of FA knowledge and skills developed during the FA trainings and demonstrations organized by the GRCS volunteers at the universities of Tbilisi. Therefore, the young people in coordination with the FA volunteer called 112 and managed to make gathered people step back, in order to let the GRCS FA volunteer to provide proper First Aid to the casualty. The young people were ready to assist GRCS volunteer to provide First Aid and stayed by the casualty until the ambulance arrived.

While sharing the story Davit says: “it is great feeling of happiness when you know how to help a casualty. But I was so proud, when I saw that my announcement about being a Georgia Red Cross Volunteer made young people gathered around to trust me and to become confident that I will help the casualty and manage situation in a proper manner. Besides, I realized that, the young people had learned how to provide First Aid from us, volunteers of Georgia Red Cross Society and once again I discovered how important every FA training and/or demonstration conducted by the GRCS staff and volunteers is. I am very excited, thanks to the GRCS First Aid project I have gained skills and have knowledge and skills to provide First Aid to casualty”.






Implementation completion:

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