Changing minds, saving lives and building resilience through values based education for all

Actions taken:

– American Red Cross staff/volunteer is a member of the Humanitarian Education Coordination Group, which leads the efforts for the implementation of the pledge and this initiative at a global level.

– American Red Cross staff/volunteer served as the focal point for the Humanitarian Education (HE) Curriculum Working Group tasked with developing a comprehensive international set of HE curricula that can be tailored to different audiences and contexts.

– American Red Cross staff/volunteer drafted and reviewed strategic planning documents and multi-year work plans for the HE Initiative and contributed to the creation of promotional kits and materials to promote and advance humanitarian education goals within Red Cross National Societies around the world

– American Red Cross staff/volunteer has helped develop a strategic plan for the dissemination of the HE Initiative through multilingual monthly webinars while moderating discussions, selecting content, and designing presentations to be shared internationally.

– American Red Cross staff/volunteer has facilitated international in person and online meetings with key HE players and reviewed HE initiatives submitted by Red Cross National Societies in order to update and improve the existing HE online platform.

– Several different ARC departments have submitted their projects, initiatives and activities to the HELP platform to be shared and used by all of its users. Examples include: IHL Action Campaign, IHL Clara Barton Competition, Whale Tales (Water Safety), among others

– The IHL Team has organized several live-streamed events to raise awareness about the importance of Humanitarian Education including: IHL and Youth Education Around the World, which has over 140 views in Youtube, and HELP: Humanitarian Education, which has over 430 views, and was actually hosted before the International Conference to invite RC societies around the world to sign the pledge.

Implementation completion:

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