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Actions taken:

The JRCS continue Youth Red Cross Action program and disseminate humanitarian education at school using teachers as leaders. At present, approximately 30 percent of elementary, junior high and high schools all over the nation are members of Youth Red Cross, and numbers of its membership and leaders (leading teachers) are still increasing.

Through International Youth Exchange Program, to which the JRCS invite about 40 junior/youth members from about 20 countries in Asia/Pacific every other year, the JRCS spread our teaching method of “Notice, Think, Act” developed during Youth Red Cross activities and training method of Leadership Training Center among overseas National Societies.

The JRCS held “Peer Educator Training Seminar on YABC” in 2017 and 2018 in Tokyo, which IFRC has been promoting to build cultures for non-violence and peace, and educated total 33 IFRC authorized peer educators. The 3rd seminar is scheduled in March 2020.

One pear educator was dispatched to YABC Seminar in China in 2018, who gained experience as a facilitator.

Furthermore, Osaka Chapter held separate seminars lead by peer educators to utilize YABC method for local volunteer activities. The seminar was held twice, once in 2018 and once in 2019, to bring a total of 24 attendants who are utilizing it for their local volunteer activities.

Implementation completion:

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