National Society

Abdul Rahman Kalantary, ARCS Disaster Management Director

Dissemination of IDRL Guidelines, Training / workshop on IDRL

The IDRL guideline is shared with the public authorities and a study on laws has been conducted

Training / workshop

A study based recommendation has been submitted to related government departments

Mainstream DRR across contexts and sectors, Engagement and contribution in national/local DRR platforms / Participation et contribution aux plateformes nationales/locales de réduction des risques de catastrophe / Participación y contribución en plataformas nacionales y locales para la reducción del riesgo de desastre, Assessment of risk and vulnerability, Advocacy, Preposition disaster preparedness stocks, Psychosocial support and mental health services, Water and sanitation support, Support in food security and nutrition , Livelihoods support

ARCS as partner with the Ministry of Health in AFG is working together and they signed MOU to work jointly supporting the MOPH community Health Workers to be trained in First AID by financial support of WHO, ARCS also support the MoPH to developed the First AID manual as strong guidance.

ARCS is working jointly with the MOPH to Train the CHWs of the MoPH in First AID to be more effective during their duty performance, ARCS also Doing the Commercial first AID skills to train the Authorities to staff in first AID to be more effective.