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Humanitarian Village and Red Talk

Humanitarian Village

An immersive experience at the heart of the 33rd International Conference

The Humanitarian Village complements the official proceedings by giving participants an opportunity to have informal exchanges and tackle humanitarian challenges from fresh angles.
The Humanitarian Village will be a lively and interactive multimedia space inside the conference centre that will bring a hands-on, experimental and participatory aspect to the conference. Participants will be able to explore, test new ideas, share knowledge and experiences, and reach a deeper understanding of humanitarian issues and potential solutions.
The Humanitarian Village will run throughout the IFRC General Assembly, the Council of Delegates and the International Conference and will include the following spaces:
– a networking space for informal, small group conversations and gathering
– a RedTalk space, where participants will speak, present and debate with audience on topics relevant to the conference’s main themes
– exhibition spaces where participants can display photo, audio-visual, promotional material, interactive installations, virtual reality etc.

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Discover our RedTalk & Projection space!

Aiming to encouraging knowledge sharing, creating partnership and providing a networking opportunity, the RedTalk & projection space provides an informal and interactive platform for conference participants to share their experience, showcase their projects, introduce or promote a new initiative and have a conversation with the audience within the framework of the conference’s themes.
The RedTalk & projection space will take place during the International Conference, from 9th to 12th December. It will be located on the ground floor and will accommodate approximately 40 people.
The talks will be dynamic, interactive and seek exchange with the public. A maximum of two-three speakers can intervene and the time slot will between 30-45 mins. It will run in mornings and afternoons in parallel with spotlight sessions and during lunch time. Presenters will also be able to play projections on the themes related to their presentation and followed by Q&A with the public.
A programme is now available on the RCRC Conference website and will be displayed in the Conference centre during the International Conference.
Outside the RedTalk programme, this space will be used for projection of the Red Cross and Red Crescent films.

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