Preparatory Process

The Preparatory Meeting

“The Preparatory Meeting for the 33rd International Conference is a new element in the consultation process, which will bring together the members of the International Conference (the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions and National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) to discuss the zero draft resolutions proposed for the Conference. It will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 27 – 28 June.
Please note it is only open to members of the Conference. It will be an enhanced consultation, designed  to further the development of the proposed resolutions. Please see the working modalities and draft agenda here, and please contact us for registration and practical details at:  We look forward to welcoming the Conference members to this important event! “
  • 2019


    33rd International Conference
  • October

    Official documents mailing including background papers, follow up reports and draft resolutions
  • September

    Deadline – comments on provisional agenda and programme
  • June

    Draft zero resolutions ready for consultation
  • June

    Convocation and provisional agenda and programme mailing
  • March

    Elements of resolutions ready for consultation
  • 2018


    Input received on concept note shared with conference members
  • July

    Concept note shared with the conference members
  • July

    Standing Commission will meet to endorse the draft concept note
  • May

    European Conference – consultation with European National Societies