International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
July 2017

Dissemination of the Principles and Rules within the IFRC, Training/ workshop/integration of the Principles and Rules into training , Monitoring the adherence to Principles and Rules

- The Principles and Rules document has been sent to all IFRC offices in the regions, it is available on-line in six languages and specific Newsletter on Principles and Rules has been shared within IFRC.
- Principles and Rules are integrated into all IFRC disaster management trainings (e.g. ERU, FACT, team leader) and an e-learning module is available. Over 1600 people have signed-up to the e-learning course and over 850 have completed the course.
- Special workshop training methodology has been developed and piloted in the Asia Pacific region for Principles and Rules. The training includes simulation modules which help to practice the implementation and utilisation of the Principles and Rules in operational situations.
- Standard evaluation questions on the adherence to the Principles and Rules have been developed for IFRC real-time evaluations and questions have been utilized in real-time evaluations (e.g. in Nepal earthquake response evaluation and Ecuador earthquake response evaluation).