Maja Antonić

Voditeljica Ureda izvršnog predsjednika / Head of Office of the Executive President

Hrvatski Crveni križ / Croatian Red Cross

e-mail: maja.antonic@hck.hr

I was not aware of the SF before


Out of 88 working staff members in CRC Headquarters in 2016, 8 staff members have physical and/or mental impairment (9,09 %).
Regarding volunteers, the CRC Headquarters does not keep records regarding the number of volunteers with disabilities.

Less than 50%


All job descriptions do not exclude persons with disabilities.


Associations of mine victims and victims of war


support and assistance services, rehabilitation services

78 local Red Cross branches provide access to necessary medical and orthopedic aids for beneficiaries who are suffering from a long or short term disability. For anyone who needs medical equipment to live safely at home, the Red Cross provides aids such as: wheelchairs, walkers, bath seats and benches, toilet seats, crutches and canes, bed handles and other aids. In 2016, total number of loan aids was 1,171. We also accept donations of health equipment in many locations across Croatia.

2 local Red Cross branches provide services of personal assistant for 22 people with disabilities.
1 local Red Cross branch provides service of personal assistant for 8 children with disabilities.
2 local Red Cross branches provide transport of beneficiaries with disabilities.

Mine Risk Education, Road safety

In 2016 we started a PR campaign. We involved Sandra Paović who was a former Croatian table tennis champion representing Croatia at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, had an almost fatal car accident in Paris in 2009 which left her without the use of her legs. She made amazing recovery which culminated in her returning to her beloved sport and being crowned the new World Para Table Tennis champion in China in 2014. Through PR campaign we will increase the visibility of project “Free loan of medical and orthopaedic aids” and the number of existing donations. Also, we will try to change negative attitudes towards persons with disability.