2011 Resolution booklet

2011 Resolution booklet

Resolution 1

Strengthening legal protection for victims of armed conflicts

Resolution 2

4-Year Action Plan for the Implementation of international humanitarian Law

Resolution 3

Migration: Ensuring Access, Dignity, Respect for Diversity and Social Inclusion

Resolution 4

Furthering the auxiliary role: Partnership for stronger National Societies and volunteering development

Resolution 5

Health Care in Danger: Respecting and Protecting Health Care

Resolution 6

Health inequities: reducing burden on women and children

Resolution 7

Strengthening normative frameworks and addressing regulatory barriers concerning disaster mitigation, response and recovery

Resolution 8

Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement on Operational Arrangements dated 28th November 2005 between Palestine Red Crescent Society and the Magen David Adom in Israel

Resolution 9

Our World. Your Move – for Humanity