CoD17 WS5 Communication drawing

Today, information and communication have become cornerstones of any humanitarian activity. There is no doubt that the Movement needs to be well-positioned at all times, particularly in crises, in order to mobilize support and maintain its position as a leading humanitarian actor at local and global levels. Achieving this requires an understanding of the fast-changing media and communications landscape, greater investment in communications and a leadership-driven approach that elevates strategic communications as an organizational priority.

For the first time, a workshop organized by the ICRC and the IFRC dedicated to strategic communications was convened at the Council of Delegates, bringing together 180 senior leadership figures from across the Movement to identify challenges and find solutions to the collective communications challenges faced by Movement partners. The workshop built on recommendations made by Movement communicators at the Red Cross Red Crescent Global Communication Forums of 2014 and 2017, which were convened by the IFRC and the ICRC.

Workshop report

Workshop outline