CoD17 WS2 HealthCare emblem drawing

Attacks against the wounded and sick as well as against health-care personnel and facilities, and medical transports – Movement and non-Movement actors alike – remain a common occurrence and a grave humanitarian concern. In times of armed conflict, this is concomitant with a lack of respect for the distinctive emblems, recognized under the 1949 Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, and their protective function.

The 2017 Council of Delegates offered a valuable opportunity for Movement components to engage in further dialogue on key issues, best practices and achievements in the follow-up to Resolution 4 on Health Care in Danger adopted by the 32nd International Conference and in ensuring respect for, and correct use of, the emblems. The discussion built on the diverse initiatives and on past International Conference and Council of Delegate resolutions concerning Health Care in Danger, international humanitarian law, the Safer Access Framework, Movement branding, Movement cooperation and coordination, and accountability to affected populations. In the lead-up to the 33rd International Conference, the workshop aimed to recall the roles and responsibilities of National Societies as well as showcase good practices in promoting the Health Care in Danger objectives and in ensuring respect for the emblems.

Workshop report 


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