Countless people go missing and families are torn apart when war devastates entire countries, natural disasters bring havoc and people are forced to flee their homes and embark on perilous journeys; not knowing what happened to a loved one causes tremendous suffering. Clarifying the fate and whereabouts of missing persons and restoring family links represents a century-old core task of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which is the recognized leader in this field, due to its long-standing experience, worldwide grassroots network, its respect for the Fundamental Principles and its protection of personal data.

The current RFL Strategy of the Movement comes to an end in 2018 and while new technologies are developing rapidly and the humanitarian landscape evolves, the Movement must take a critical look at its capacities and rethink its way of working. We are at a crucial point, midway through the development of a new RFL Strategy, and it is essential that the leaders of the Movement provide direction to this process based on preliminary strategic orientations outlined in the report to the Council of Delegates.

This workshop debated selected strategic orientations of the new RFL Strategy with the aim of informing its further development. The discussion included important dimensions related to missing persons and their families.

Workshop report 

Workshop outline