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Armed conflicts are increasingly fought in population centres but often with weapon systems that were originally designed for use in open battlefields. When used in populated areas, explosive weapons with wide-area effects are a major cause of civilian casualties and of damage to critical infrastructure, with consequent disruption of services essential for the survival of civilians, such as health care, water, the electricity supply and sanitation services.

In Resolution 7 of the 2013 Council of Delegates on “Weapons and international humanitarian law”, the Movement called on States to strengthen the protection of civilians from the indiscriminate use and effects of explosive weapons and to avoid using explosive weapons with a wide impact area in densely populated areas.

This workshop aimed to raise awareness of the direct and indirect humanitarian consequences of these weapons, of the issues they raise under international humanitarian law and of good practices that can be applied by armed forces when choosing means and methods of warfare in populated areas. It was also the opportunity for the ICRC to present its observations and recommendations on preventing unacceptable civilian harm caused by the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

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